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Why Us?

  • We source a one-of-a-kind collection of handmade Moroccan goods.
  • A portion of the proceeds goes directly to our artisans.
  • We provide the costumer service of a small company.
  • We use Secure Payment Processing thru Paypal.


Fair Trade Responsibility

Social Responsibility; Who?

Our small team is comprised of professionals who joined forces in order to make a difference:
  • Tao Bellamine is a senior electronics design engineer working for a multinational
    corporation located near Boston, Massachusetts. His skills in integrated circuit design
    have helped to improve the safety of automobiles and have increased the functionality
    of some of today's most popular cell phones. In 2008, during his Moroccan vacation, he
    had the opportunity to visit several socially responsible, Moroccan, artisan cooperatives.
    As a native of Morocco, Tao had always had a strong passion for the craftsmanship and
    creativity in Moroccan interior designs. Inspired by these meetings, Tao began to sketch
    his own designs and, in less than a year, he was working with the Moroccan cooperatives
    to turn his dreams into a reality. His custom designs are now being manufactured by the
    same socially responsible, Moroccan, cooperative artisans that Tao visited years before.
  • Houssine Bellamine is the CFO of one of the biggest hotel resorts in Morocco. After
    graduating with an international Commerce degree from Ecole Superieure de Commerce
    of Montpellier, France, he quickly began to build a professional hospitality network and
    he is now in charge of over 13 Five Star hotels all over Morocco. Today, The Moroccan
    Tourism Ministry considers him to be one of the most influential tourism professionals in
  • Daniel Blackmer is Tao’s college friend and he also acts as a consultant to Mycraftwork.
    Dan is the director of engineering at Earthworks Audio; a company that supplies audio
    equipment to some of today's most successful musicians.

Social responsibility; Why?

Mycraftwork’s ultimate goal is to create a business model that not only makes profit, but also
gives back to the community. We form partnerships with cooperatives comprised of groups of
women and men who have developed certain craftsmanship skills. The skill sets we look for vary
from hand embroidery and rug weaving to pottery making, wood working and metal working.
We help uplift these artisans and communities so that their members can live with sustainability,
dignity and the ability to provide for their families. These artisans have amazing skills and
talents and we hope to offer them the necessary connections and resources to fuel their future.

Social Responsibility; How?

  • In a desire to support the gifted Moroccan artisans, we give 25% of our profits to a
    support fund used within the Moroccan partner cooperatives. 75% of this fund is
    available to assist with education funding, healthcare, and micro-loans for the artists
    while 25% of the fund is used to specifically support women's programs that comply with
    fair trade standards, ensuring that their work is valued and duly rewarded.
  • It is very important to note that, in Morocco, women’s illiteracy rates are staggering,
    especially in some rural areas (higher than 83%). We have made it a priority to focus on
    creating sustainable economic and education opportunities for Morocco's undereducated
  • Our partner cooperatives are involved in training programs that help women create high
    quality, modern designs that marry style and tradition.
  • We encourage our cooperatives to help their artisans start savings accounts with their
  • We promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Environmentally friendly;

  • We use recycled materials everywhere we can. From paper (for our day to day business
    activities) to shipping materials (recycled bubble wrap and boxes).
  • Our coloring dies are all vegetable based (see our Handthrown Pottery section).
  • Our candle holders are made with a mixture of sustainable palm oil and paraffin waxes.

Our partner cooperatives artisans;





  Our Hand Embroidery Cooperative Partner:
  From left to right:
  Maryam, Selma, Khadija, Wafaa, Hafida,











  Our Handthrown Pottery Cooperative
  Back row from left to right:
  Aziz, Abdallah, Khalid, Imad.
  Middle row from left to right:
  Ahmed, Khalil, Zakaria, Imane and the shop 
  Front row from left to right:
  Abdallah, Hamid, Youness, Abdelkader, Issa
  and Redouane.











  Our Metalwork Cooperative Partner:
  Abdelaziz is the shop manager.




Comments (6)
  • Allison Whitmore  - Hello.
    Thank you so much for introducing us to the amazing people you work with!
    My name is Allison Whitmore and I run a local pottery shop in Philadelphia.
    I am a member of "Potters for Peace" and I would be very happy to
    speak with one of your representatives about our organization. I can be
    reached at


  • Tao B.  - Thank you!
    Thanks a lot for your kind correspondence Allison. I will email you
    tomorrow to schedule a conference call.
    Enjoy your week! :)
  • Elise Anderson  - Moroccan Purses.
    Love your crafts! I have a purse resale in LA and I just sent you an email
    to ( because I needed more information.
  • Tao  - Got it!
    Thanks Elise. I will set something up for tomorrow.
  • Jamal Garnett  - Australia.
    I love your products. Do you ship to Australia??
  • Tao  - Hello Jamal.
    Yes we do!
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