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Why Us?

  • We source a one-of-a-kind collection of handmade Moroccan goods.
  • A portion of the proceeds goes directly to our artisans.
  • We provide the costumer service of a small company.
  • We use Secure Payment Processing thru Paypal.


Moroccan Lantern Decor

When decorating, it is important to note that home lighting is an integral part of your home decor. Too dim lighting can dull even the nicest interiors whereas lighting that is too bright can make your interiors look too loud. Conversely, great lighting pulls your home interior together.

Indoor and outdoor lighting are as decorative as paintings and vases. If you want a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, the ambient lights of Moroccan home lighting will do that for you.

Home Lighting Moroccan Style

Moroccan lanterns provide home lighting that makes an already richly decorated room vibrant and warm at the same time. For rooms that are sparse on decoration, a lantern or two can provide a look that distinguishes your room and gives the appearance of much more decor than there actually is. The larger lantern designs provide a warm welcome to guests when you add them to your patio or porch. 


Moroccan star lamps may be hung up virtually anywhere and everywhere. A spectacle for the eyes, these lights have myriads of points and light up like the stars in the sky. They can be hung all over a ceiling at various heights for added effect or be hung as one or a pair in a strategic place. Moroccan star lamps are increasingly being seen in commercial settings as well as in private homes. Adding a Moroccan lamp to a vaulted ceiling in front of a high window in the front of your home makes for a stunning entrance. 


Wall sconces are instantly impressive with their colored glass and warm lighting. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They look great whether you purchase several of the same color and style or choose to have several in a rainbow of colors. Many of these are made to match with lamps. When shopping for wall sconces, look for sets of Moroccan lighting if you wish to keep to the same color families. 

Small to medium Moroccan lamps look elegant when placed on desks or on tables. Floor lamps can be purchased to match up with these or other types of home lighting. Moroccan floor lamps vary in shape and size from tall pyramid shapes to lamps that curve, catching the eye and adding a whole new dimension to your home decor. They may also be rounded or come in a more conventional shape with beaded lampshades bringing something unique to even typical decoration.

For an extra eclectic look, purchase different styles of Moroccan lamps and lanterns and place them all around a room. A curvy floor lamp, two or three sconces and a couple of lanterns combined with Moroccan style paint on the walls, earth-colored tile on the floors and mosaic tables, are perfect for giving living areas sophisticated pizazz. 

Decorative outdoor lighting for your porch or patio may include an exciting combination of large and small Moroccan lanterns as well as Moroccan wall sconces. Whether you choose round, half moon, pyramids, curves or star-shaped Moroccan lighting, your home is sure to stand out with class and panache. Moroccan lighting is as versatile as it is beautiful. The accents of lanterns and sconces containing bulbs or candles are perfect for a romantic evening.

Comments (7)
  • Jerome Galois.  - Malik Moroccan lantern.
    Gorgeous Moroccan lanterns!!! I emailed you to ask for the Malik pricing
    for a client of mine.
    Thanks. J.
  • Noemie Lachasse  - Your moroccan lanterns are stunning!!
    Your Moroccan lighting is absolutely gorgeous. I love the malik Moroccan
    pendant and would like to know its price. Please email me a quote at
  • Paul Parson  - different styles available and pricing
    Gentlemen, This is a product I would like to sell. Will you please let me
    know what is available and the prices. Thanks, Paul Parson
  • Tao Bellamine  - Thank you!
    For any inquiries about buying or reselling our Moroccan lanterns please
    email us using our contact form on the website!
    Thank you!
  • April  - Crazy beautiful
    Instant dramatic wall art, and you can change it up. Love it!
  • Valerie Spelman  - Ceiling Lights

    I have a client who has a home on Maui. Do you ship products to Maui? I
    am interested in getting 3 large orbs approximately 40" in diameter
    with a flush mount? Also, we want to use these outside.

    Thank you,
    Valerie Spelman
  • Tao Bellamine.  - Reply to Valerie.
    Hello Valerie,
    We ship worldwide, but we need to discuss your needs in more detail. Please
    Email me your phone number with a good time to call at
    Tao Bellamine.
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