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Why Us?

  • We source a one-of-a-kind collection of handmade Moroccan goods.
  • A portion of the proceeds goes directly to our artisans.
  • We provide the costumer service of a small company.
  • We use Secure Payment Processing thru Paypal.



Custom Made Moroccan Rugs

Berber_Moroccan_Weaving_RugMorocco has a long history of weaving some of the most beautiful rugs in the world. The ancient weaving started before the 7th Century with the Berber tribe, people of North Africa who settled in Morocco during this period. For thousands of years, the women of the tribe have woven exquisite hand knotted wool rugs inspired by tribal ceremony and symbolism. The Berber tribes still exist today, living in the Atlas mountain regions of Morocco, where the ancient weaving techniques are preserved and passed down from mother to daughter.

Some of these tribes come to the lowlands to farm, but many still raise sheep at the higher up elevations. The sheep produce excellent high grade wool which goes into the beautiful rugs we sustainably make at MyCraftWork, LLC cooperatives in Morocco.

Women, for the most part, weave our rugs. They incorporate design elements from their personal experience into the carpet's designs. Usually, the designs were created as references to natural events and aspects of daily life such as birth, fertility, nature, femininity, rural life, beliefs and or spirituality. But some of our weavers believe that the rugs could even ward off evil spirits so naturally, they incorporated elements and lucky charms to ward off the evil eye and bring luck and prosperity.


Please take some time to browse through these magnificent handwoven/handknotted works of art. We can also custom make any Berber style depending upon your needs.

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Agadir Kilim Moroccan Rug

Perfect custom made Kilim Moroccan rug. Handwoven alternating motifs inspired by the Akhnif tribal patterns and a superb attention to detail. Handmade in May 2013. 
Product Details...

Amira Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Gorgeous custom made Glaoui Moroccan rug. Handknotted by Amira, one of our most skillful female artisans. Glaoui diamonds in warm colors and a golden contour to make it all stand out. Handmade in May 2013. 
Product Details...

Bassir Glaoui Moroccan Rug

This is a small but super cute custom Glaoui Moroccan tapestry. Handknotted in Marrakesh by Khadija. Diverse Glaoui motifs in typical southern Moroccan colors. Handmade in June 2013. 
Product Details...

Bouchra Glaoui Moroccan Rug

A gorgeous Hand knotted Glaoui Moroccan rug with a creamy beige background. Love how the there are two levels of wool piles here, a thin one to make up the background and a thicker level for the motifs. 
Product Details...

Bourami Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Looks old, but it's very new! We used washed out wool to make this beautiful Glaoui tribal rug. Gorgeous Berber details. All wool. Handmade in May 2013. 
Product Details...

Boutayna Glaoui Moroccan Rug

An amazing Handknotted Glaoui piece on a creamy washed wool background. Crafted by one of our Rabat rug weavers; Chamss. Flower motifs all throughout the piece, with interspersed geometric shapes and a beautiful orange central motif. 
Product Details...

Chadiya Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Another intricately hand knotted Glaoui piece. Amazing motif designs with an alternating color scheme. All wool. Handmade in Marrakesh. 
Product Details...

Chamy Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Anti-symmetry is the theme of this beautiful Glaoui piece. Lovely washed out blue border and very pretty patterns. 
Product Details...

Chella Glaoui Moroccan Rug

An all orange Glaoui Moroccan rug. Made in Marrakesh by a very talented rug weaver. Jagged contour with beautiful tribal motifs. All Virgin Wool. 
Product Details...

Choukri Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Intricate and very cute motifs on this Glaoui tribal Moroccan rug, handknotted to perfection. 
Product Details...

Dakhla Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Very classical Moroccan piece. The intricate details are reminiscent of the Rbati Moroccan rug. All wool as usual. 
Product Details...

Dari Glaoui Moroccan Rug

This piece was made in southern Morocco. Fiery red/orange patterns on a blue canvas. A gorgeous central motif. 
Product Details...

Dayan Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Holly molly! Diverse patterns and very intricate edge details on this beautiful Glaoui piece. All virgin wool 100%. 
Product Details...

Delany Glaoui Moroccan Rug

All hail to another stunning Glaoui piece. Diamond patterns reminiscent of the Beni Ouarain style on a pure blue canvas. All virgin wool. 
Product Details...

Delores Glaoui Moroccan Rug

This Moroccan Glaoui babe was hand knotted in northern Morocco. Attention to details and to perfect symmetry. Love the alternating patterns on light blue background. 
Product Details...

Djebel Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Spicing things up with this new beautiful Gaoui rug design. All white wool with patterns in several shades of brown. 
Product Details...

Doukala Moroccan Glaoui Rug

A masterpiece Glaoui rug with unique features. We made this piece with both weaving and hand knotting techniques. Beige and brown form the color palette, with very abstract motifs. 
Product Details...

Elham Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Another abstract Glaoui Moroccan rug with sporadic patterns. Very interesting soft purplish background with interspersed lavender and creamy white motifs. 
Product Details...

Elodie Moroccan Rug

My take on abstract Moroccan rug design. I wanted to come up with something modern looking, without sacrificing the craftsmanship! 
Product Details...

Fadwa Moroccan Glaoui Rug

Another mixture of Glaoui and Beni Ouarain styles. Diamond patterns replaced with beautiful diverse motifs. 
Product Details...

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Results 1 - 20 of 68
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