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Why Us?

  • We source a one-of-a-kind collection of handmade Moroccan goods.
  • A portion of the proceeds goes directly to our artisans.
  • We provide the costumer service of a small company.
  • We use Secure Payment Processing thru Paypal.



How do you determine your prices?


We use the following criteria to determine our goods' prices:

  • Number of craft hours spent making the item.
  • The overall quality of the item.
  • The size of the item.

Please keep in mind that most of these goods are made by women, and for most, this craftsmanship represents their ONLY source of income, so the price tagging is of course a bilateral decision that we make with their help so we can ensure them a fair share.



What about the shipping price and how long does shipping take?


Shipping at depends on whether the item ordered is already in stock in the US, or being shipped from overseas. If the item is shipped from the US, we will provide you with the shipping information (price, time) promptly... however, if the item is to be shipped from overseas, we will first check our overseas stock to see if we have it in store, if we don't we will advise our artisans to work on it and we will update you with a completion date and a shipping date as soon as possible. Usually an item shipped from overseas will take two to four extra shipping weeks compared to an item being shipped from the US. The lag is obviously justified by all the international shipping formalities including (Proper handling of international goods, US Customs' clearance and finally our mandatory transit by our US location to make sure the goods are in mint condition).


What about the return policy?


Please read this very carefully as the return policy is different for each product category:
  • Handmade Rugs: Upon receipt of the Rug, we will give you a 15 day "grace period" to find the perfect spot for it in your home or office. You may still return the item to our storage in Massachusetts within this period for an 100% refund (excluding shipping). If you choose not to opt for the 100% refund (excluding shipping), we can offer you a 100% store credit towards your next purchase (again, excluding shipping), however you only have 2 months to use it! Please be aware that there are no refunds after the grace period!
  • Handthrown Pottery (Applies to orders less than $1000 ONLY!): All pottery goods ship from Morocco, and most of these goods are custom-made right after the order placement, therefore it is very hard for a small company like ours to provide a generous return policy on such goods. If we were to ship them back to Morocco, we would need to pay for international shipping, Moroccan Custom duties and shipping insurance. Upon receipt of the pottery goods, we will give you a 15 day "grace period" and you may return the item to our storage in Massachusetts within this period for a 70% refund (excluding shipping).
  • Moroccan Candle Holders: Non returnable since they are made to order.
  • Purses and Handbags: These crafts are returnable within 15 days of their receipt.
  • Moroccan Lanterns: Non returnable since they are custom-made.
  • Hand Embroidered Linens: Non returnable since they are custom-made.
  • Luxury Moroccan Furniture: Non returnable since they are custom-made.
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